Risks Posed by Sex Offenders

A major part of the labor force of Nationwide Professional Service (NPS) is sourced from private employment agencies that provide labors at low wages on a temporary ad hoc basis of employment. Also, a high percentage of the labor forces in NPS are sourced from various faith-based agencies that are aimed at the rehabilitation of the mentally ill people, homeless people and people who are looking for an opportunity to start life anew. The Nationwide Professional Services (NPS) works in collaboration with one such faith-based agency known as New Person Ministries which operates in South Florida. The New Person Ministries (NPM) helps for rehabilitation and provision of jobs for persons who had been convicted of sexual crimes at some point in their lives. The labors sourced by this agency include sexual offenders who belong to the sexual predator lists and the sexual offender’s list of the State of Florida. The sex offenders attending the rehabilitation programs are not fully normalized and there remain chances of threat for the visitors from these sex offenders. The risk assessment with respect to a sex offender is done on the basis of considering the statistical probability of the sex offender committing similar sexual offenses. The sex offenders generally have a type of mental disorder or abnormality which may instigate them to repeat their crimes without any consideration of the punishments that may follow the crimes. The DRNC is being held in the American Arena area of Miami where security threats are high. Thus, this may encourage the sex offenders included in the labor force of Nationwide Professional Services (NPS) to repeat their crimes. This would mean exposing the visitors and attenders of the DRNC to high threats and risks of being victims of crime.

There are some differences between the individuals enlisted in the Sexual Predators list and those enlisted in the Sexual offender’s list. Sexual predators are those people who are convicted of the violation of various sections of the Criminal Codes. Attempted violations of these criminal codes of a state also lead to the enlistment of the individuals in the Sexual Predator list.