Richmond Events

There is also a need to outline the Richmond Events’ historical background in detail and its current operating strategies should also be examined. This includes identifying the sources of competitive advantage as well as its potential for better performance in the future and recommendations would be given in the study.

Richmond Events specifically deals with organising events through offering a platform whereby people from various cultural backgrounds representing their organisations discuss pertinent issues that often affect their different businesses. According to information obtained from its official website, the organisation is particularly concerned with providing a better way for buyers to meet sellers through face to face meetings coupled with high-quality conference programmes and networking opportunities.&nbsp.These forums take place on cruise ships and more recently on land-based venues and at exclusive locations which allow attendees, particularly senior decision-makers to focus on key business issues in a relaxed and distraction-free environment.&nbsp.The organisation is continually looking to build its panel with senior professionals from the UK business.

The main purpose and objective of the organisation is inclusion, awareness, education, cultural, destination marketing, development and change with the aim of highlighting social issues among business executives. The major strategy employed by Richmond Events is that of targeting business executives by giving them the platform hold conferences in a conducive environment where they also get the chance to meet their partners in business. The organisation’s culture is accommodative to a wide range of people from a diverse cultural background.

Likewise, this organisation operates in an environment where there are also competitors who may offer the same services. It is imperative to give a critical analysis of the organisation’s environment in order to get a clear understanding of its operations through an analysis of its internal and external environment.&nbsp.&nbsp.