Rhetorical Argumentation in Initial Submission

Rhetorical argumentation is important element for analyzing my initial mainly due to the fact that its appeal lies in choosing the right words with readers’ sense of awe and their fascination with paranormal events. The purpose of the text was to acquaint readers with anecdote that might defy normal imagination of human interaction. The meeting of grandmother’s soul in the physical format, when in fact she was lying in hospital at another city was creepy. The readers were persuaded to read the article because it was presented as a personal experience that left little doubt for its authenticity. The need to identify characters like grandmother as main protagonist to emphasize some unique event was both a necessity and requirement for the text.
Rhetorical analysis helps to recognize the hidden meanings of intention of the writer. It explores reasons that impel them to describe events in manner that persuade readers to read. The choice of words and arrangement of ideas facilitate in depth analysis and interpretation of text. Connecting with readers and gaining their approval of the content requires major efforts both in terms of choosing right words and sequencing events to make them look credible. Indeed, how the words were selected to encourage readers involvement with the reading become critical factor. The appearance of person who is in fact, in another place seems unbelievable. Hence, rhetorical argumentation becomes important to understand why the writer was forced to write about the topic. (words: 242)