Respect for Culture

Some of the family members have a different opinion that the device will destruct the use of sign language and culture or way of life. A section of the family cherishes the use of sign language and culture that they think the device will destroy it all.
Heather’s family members seem to be all deaf. two brothers and parents. Peter, one of Heathers families, is a candid head of the anti-implant deaf society who lives on the Island of Long. His life is twisted upside down by his daughter aspiration to hear. After being overpowered by the daughter’s desires, Peter and Nita put on hold their long-standing position about the implant. They later realize that children that are under implant are frequently conversant and mainstreamed interested in the hearing situation. Heather’s parents become frightened that the implant will make their daughter develop a rejection to the American Sign Language and deaf way of life.
The family divergence or disagreement arises after one of Peter’s brothers who do not have a hearing impediment, and the wife realized that their newborn infant is also having a hearing problem. They decide to put the child under the implant. The clash gets to an intense peak after the part of the family who does have hearing impediment tries to battle for Heather’s right to join the hearing world while the other part of the family (deaf family members) also battle to keep her deaf individuality.
In my opinion, the movie talks about respect for the culture. From the movie, there is a battle between two different groups, one group supporting the use of a cochlear implant while another group is opposed to the use of the device. It is an indication of how important culture is to different people with different conditions especially the disabled group. respect to culture is essential to every individual.&nbsp.