Reinventing Data Protection

It makes access difficult but not impossible against a determined hacker. I also keep duplicate files in separate storage just in case data is corrupted or infected with a virus. Buying the branded anti-virus software is also a good step towards protection (Gutwirth, 2009). If the data were compromised, I will try to retrieve my duplicate files stored somewhere else and avoid the same mistakes.
&nbsp.Assessing current vulnerabilities – any digital file or data is always subjected to risks no matter what one does to protect it. The best one can do is to mitigate or minimize these risks by doing some simple things like always backing up important data (to another on-line account or storing it in another device), changing my passwords often, being alert to possible intrusions, buying the latest updated data protection software, and always logging out properly whenever I use any of my digital computer accounts. Additionally, I take good care of my hardware devices such as not spilling liquids on them, shutting them down properly after each session, and try not using these devices for long periods to avoid over-heating. It is helpful to be alert to any phishing attempts like MITM (or man-in-the-middle impersonators) and be security conscious always.