Reflective report covering the whole of this module

Problems solving is crucial in every particular aspect of life where one is confronted with problems and challenges that comes in their way (Krantz, 1997). In the introduction phase of the subject area, I was introduced with some of the basic roles and opportunity that are associated with the role of a consultancy. The module included the teaching duo of Mrs Susan Linkman and Mr Steve Linkman. From the introduction phase I was able to learn that the job role of a consultant mainly includes people management, project management and their problem solving behaviour among others. It would be crucial to depict that a consultant is a person who gives expert advice to others in any particular domain. Hence, he/she must develop their competency in numerous areas. I have also learnt about the types of consultant along with their respective job role. My learning in the initial stages of the module also included the steps which a consultant needs to follow with regard to successful execution of the responsibility of their job. I was also told about the courses that are associated with the profession of consultant in a comprehensive manner. I believe this learning will be quite helpful for me in the future context as it enables me to comprehend the basic knowledge regarding a consultant and their working approach.
In the subsequent days of my association with the module, my learning was augmented in the area of creative problem solving relative to the domain of consultancy. I learnt that creative problem solving approach include analysing the problems comprehensively and creating diverse or innovative strategies to deal with the same (Meador, 1997). From this part of the module I was able to comprehend that the creative methods of problem solving includes proper identifying of the problems in concern along with generating comprehensive understanding regarding the same. I understand that this aspect needs to be followed by decision making along