“Recruitment &amp

Selection Processes" The size of the labor market, the image of a company, the place of posting, the nature of the job, the compensation package and a host of other factors influence the manner in which job aspirants are likely to respond to the recruiting efforts of a company. Through the process of recruitment, a company tries to locate prospective employees and encourages them to apply for vacancies at various levels. Recruiting thus provides a pool of applicants for selection.

Selection is a process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization (Rao, 2005, p-143). The basic purpose is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job, from the pool of qualified candidates.

2.1 PepsiCo India: Pepsi is a flat organization. There is a maximum of four reporting levels. Executive here emphasis achievement, motivation, the ability to deliver come what may. As the Personnel manager of Pepsi Foods remarked.
Recruiters must be capable of thinking outside the box, cutting the cake of conventional barriers whenever and wherever necessary. They must have a winner mindset and a passion for creating a dynamic change. They must have the ability to deal with ambiguity informality.
PepsiCo has to tap external sources for various positions. Running enterprises have to recruit employees from outside for filling the positions whose specifications cannot be met by the present employees, and for meeting the additional requirements of manpower. The following external sources of recruitment are commonly used by PepsiCo.
(i) Direct Recruitment. An important source of recruitment is recruitment by placing a notice on the notice board of the enterprise specifying the details of the jobs available. It is also known as the recruit factory gate.
(ii) Casual Callers or Unsolicited Applications. The organizations are regarded as good employers who draw a steady stream of unsolicited applications in their offices. This serves as a&nbsp.valuable source of manpower. If adequate attention is paid to maintain pending application folders for jobs, the personnel department may find the unsolicited applications in filling the vacancies whenever they arise.