Recommendations for the Knowsley Housing Trust with the National Strategies for Housing of the UK

Through its official website, the Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) describes itself as “a progressive not for profit, independent housing association” that manages “13,000 high-quality homes at affordable rents”. KHT is registered by the Tenant Services Authority and is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission.3 The mission of the KHT has been to provide quality homes and work for the lasting benefit of communities. Similarly, the core value of the KHT has been to improve the neighborhood and estates that it operates.KHT is committed to equality of access, including the accessibility of the older people and the elderly to our services. Our mission and core values require us to recognize that the demographic trend pertaining to the aging components of the UK society applies to KHT customers as well.

Housing should be designed for all age groups. However, everybody ages or grows old and, thus, housing should be designed with this in mind. Based on interviews conducted by government authorities with older people and reported in February 2008, older people expressed the following as their need as well of the other age groups:
In a similar document of the same year and month, Housing Choices and Aspirations of Older People, older people expressed determination to stay where they are The document also said that they want access to services and amenities. Older people categorically expressed a need for the capability to offer a place to stay with relatives who are older than they are.&nbsp.
There are several elements of the UK national&nbsp.strategy for housing. One element of the strategy involves quantitatively increasing the supply of housing units.&nbsp.The second element of the UK national housing strategy involves building housing units that last a lifetime.&nbsp.