Reasons of Important Drivers for Relocation

It can also be said that opportunities in these latter mentioned countries are now decreasing, when talking in both international as well as domestic terms as these have started to decrease their market shares. It is a normal concept that as competition soars, it is important that a lot of focus is given to opportunities and risks as well in markets where there exists high growth and competition levels are not that high.

China can be said to be a very good opportunity for investment as it is very well known for its competitiveness in especially export-oriented markets. Even countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and North Korea offer great opportunities in terms of providing a base for other countries to grind and hone their competitive skills. These can be used an s a good forum at the time of increasing risks on a global level.

Low costs pertaining to these areas, especially labor costs as low. There is more labor available in these regions as compared to regions belonging to Europe or UK in specific. Therefore this can help the companies investing to get a competitive edge over those who do not have access to this labor cost savings. (The business outlook for Asia’s frontier markets 2008, 2008).

ASEAN: this region has been experiencing immense growth and economic development. Because of political disruptions and low structural changes, there have been quite a few challenges in terms of business opportunity seeking in this region. (Wilfried and Landesmann, 2008)

China: it has established a prominent place in the global trade scenario. China now competes with various international markets and is much capable of manufacturing brand go high quality that can make competition go up worldwide. the plus point of these goods being low cost. However, China also faces challenges through the struggles that it has to go through in terms of sustainment. This means that there are risks involved not just for Chinese markets in&nbsp.China i.e. Chinese companies basically, rather also in terms of their expansion outside China.