Reasons for choosing Christie’s Education your qualification goals and practical experience in the arts or auction world

This includes but is not limited to visiting museums, galleries, auction houses and out of the way venues that local patrons guide me to. I view art is the source of beauty in my own life.
Art for me is not a mere vision. It is not a gratuitous answer to an invitation. Rather, it is a feeling or a reaction. It is personal and can only be shared with those that have the same keen understanding of it that I do. It is the ability to embrace someone else’s interpretation and yet know that you feel at peace only with your own. It comes in so many different forms. For example, I enjoy all types of dance, from the traditional, to folk to ritualistic expression. What elevates my ability to view and interpret art is that I do not need to find the artistic expression in whatever it is I am viewing, it shows itself to me. It is like a beacon in the night guiding me and I am compelled to respond.
Indeed, I find myself employing art as a my special form of communication. Art plays a large role in the expresion of my inner thoughts and in acknowledging the beauty in my life. From dance to music to abstract art our concept of life is shown through the various ways in which we interpret it. Art has always allowed me to be as specific or as abstract as I wish. I also employ art as my own form of communication. I may not be able to express to a loved one verbally how I feel at the moment, but I do so through expressions of art. I don’t know why this is so, all I know is that art is my comfort zone. Art has taught me how to communicate through creative expression. It has taught me how to undestand human experience including the past and present.
As for my own personal interests, music, opera singing, dancing, poetry and sketching are just a few of the different forms of art that I personally employ to express myself and apply my