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IDEA celebration 35 years Before 1975, education for children with disabilities was a real challenge. Most schools denied children with disability access to education. However, in 1975, Education for All disabled Act was enacted with a requirement to provide free and quality public education for children with disabilities (Celebrating 35 Years of IDEA, n.p.). This has changed the life of the disabled people, since most of the people who were considered not fit for education due to their disability have now become icons in the society. Consequently, they became social and interactive, improving their sense of worth. Since then, access to education for the disable people has continued to expand, with the disabled people now able to access the highest level of education in the land, alongside their non-disabled counterparts. The 2004 amendment to the laws of education for disabled people have increased the achievements of the disabled people in the society, enabling them to hold jobs after their high school education. Thus, the environment for the disabled education has significantly improved. Giving education to the disabled has helped change previously considered uneducable children into citizens, and helped improve the sense of worth of the disabled people, by clearly showing that all minds are beautiful, whether those of the disabled or the non-disabled (Celebrating 35 Years of IDEA, n.p.). Before 1975, only a fifth of children with disability were educated, but still in secluded, segregated and distant sate institutions. Nevertheless, 35 years after the enactment of this Act, the group of people who were considered uneducable is now highly valued group in the society, with an improved lifestyle. IDEA has made it possible for the disabled people to achieve much in the American society.
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