Question 41

Some type of path is necessary to join both half-cells in order for electron flow to


Question 41

Some type of path is necessary to join both half-cells in order for electron flow to




Question 42

What is the source of the electric current produced by a voaic cell?

a spontaneous oxidation-reduction reaction

competing sa bridges

non-spontaneous reduction at the cathode

an imbalance of ion charges

Question 43

In general, breaking bonds resus in a release of energy.



Question 44

A particular chemical reaction releases energy. It is possible to say the reactants had a higher energy than the products.



Question 45

When heat is applied to a solid and a gas begins to form, the change in entropy is positive.



Question 46

Which of the following is an example of +ΔS?

A solid being sublimed

A gas being condensed to form a liquid

A liquid freezing into a solid

A gas being compressed at low temperature to a solid

Question 47

A reaction contains two reactants, A and B. If A is doubled, there will be a greater number of effective collisions between reactants.



Question 48

You can study reaction rates to answer which of the following questions?

Will the reaction be reversible?

Will the reaction occur?

How can the reaction be slowed down?

How many grams of product will be formed?

Question 49

Which of the following statements regarding chemical equilibrium is true?

Equilibrium is shown with a single arrow and/or an equal sign.

A system at equilibrium maintains the concentrations of all reactants/products over time.

A system at equilibrium stops.

Equilibrium is signified only with an equals sign.

Question 50

Which change in the nucleus of an atom is responsible for the emission of an electron?

neutron to proton

proton to neutron

proton to electron

electron to proton

Question 51

Which of the following is not true about beta emissions?

Difference of the atomic number by one between the old element and new element formed

Are written as 0-1e

Cannot penetrate concrete

Less penetrating than alpha emissions

Question 52

Which of the following represents positron emission?

3015P → 3014Si + ___

23892U → 23490Th + ___

147N + 42He → 178O + ___

23490Th → 23491Pa + ___