Q1 Draw an ERD (entity relationship model) for the following case The head of the Chemistry


Q1. Draw an ERD (entity relationship model) for the following case.

The head of the Chemistry

Department wants to develop a small database system for the laboratories of the department. The department has many professors and scientists, who support all the courses related to chemistry and biochemistry. You might have taken the course from the department and have had the chance to work in the laboratory. A laboratory has many researchers who are experts in a particular professional area (organic chemistry, analytical, non-organic, etc.). These researchers work on one or more research projects. A researcher is often assigned to a role (e.g., chief chemist, assistant chemist) in a project. Researchers also may use certain kinds of equipment to conduct research. A researcher generally has an employee id, a name, and several phone numbers shared by several researchers. A researcher must participate in at least one project and use one equipment. An equipment also can be used by many researchers. A project usually includes many researchers and many pieces of equipment. An equipment needs not be assigned to a project. The start date and ending date of a project must be recorded. An equipment includes a serial number and cost. An equipment is either new or recycled. Researchers usually are categorized in terms of their professional degrees, which range from 5(low) to 1(high). When a researcher uses an equipment, the checkout date and the returning date needed to be recorded.

Start date Start Project Project
End End date Researcher
Researcher ID Nam Researcher Researcher
Researcher Name Age
ID Equipment Equipmentnt
Equipment Serial
Cost Serial
number Serial…