Firstly, the total can be understood as a function of the effect of the entire message. Lowe’s provided on its handouts the following quote, “To honor our armed forces, Lowes will be providing customers will complimentary bumper stickers that offer a simple ‘Thank You’ to our troops. A limited quantity of ‘Thank You’ stickers, with an image of the American flag, will be available in-store during the veterans day weekend.” The totality of this message, although simple, has various levels of meaning that help to explain why such a symbol serves as a piece of propaganda (Collins 15). Though further meaning will be extrapolated from each of the words that this statement entails, it is important to weigh the statement from its total meaning. Two main thoughts are therefore passed to the reader. The first of these is that it is their responsibility to honor sacrifice. The second is that Lowe’s is performing this service by virtue of its understanding of the role it plays as a community leader.
Secondly, the particular piece of propaganda must be understood with relation to the time that it appeared. Firstly, this understanding of time is with relation to the time of year that the bumper stickers appeared. that of Veteran’s Day. Thus, the powerfully evocative effect is that one understands this particular part of the year/season is important and should necessarily be noted by both shopper and retailer alike. It is worth additionally noted that implied within this form of propaganda is the distinct understanding the sacrifices of the troops that are being “thanked” allows us to enjoy the American way – capitalism, low prices, and a warehouse full of choices. Although none of this is directly printed, the implied levels of meaning are most certainly extant.
Likewise, the element of time relates to some other concurrent