Project Management

Project Management: Teams, Leadership, and Negotiation Identify at least five of the typical group dependencies that project managers must manage
Initiating process group
These involve origination of project activities, planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling and closure. Moreover, the project is defined and authorized by the sponsors and project manager. Project managers and teams re-examine the business needs and determine chances of project continuation. Initiating a process ensures that teams finish their work, learn, and document lessons so that work can be accepted by customers.
Planning process group
These include formulation and sustenance of a workable scheme, where organizations needs are addressed. A number of plans such as scope, schedule, cost, procurement are defined in each knowledge area relative to the project at various points. Project teams develop plans required for scheduling activities, estimating costs and making decisions on resources of work to be accomplished. Project teams revise plans of every project phase in its life cycle.
Implementing process group
These constitute people and other resources needed in executing various plans. It provides services, products and the results of the project. For instance, implementing processes take into account development of project teams, managing and directing project team, carrying out quality assurance, selecting sellers and distributing information.
Controlling and monitoring process groups
Project progress is measured and monitored so that project teams meet the desired objectives. The staff and project manager determines progress against plans through taking corrective action. This phase includes performance reporting, where stakeholders identify significant changes keeping the project on track.
Closing process group
The project is formally accepted and administrative activities such as project files archiving, contracts closure, documenting of lessons learned and receipt of formal acceptance of work delivered and finalized.
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