Project Background And Basic Idea Water Soluble Toilet Paper

71750 Solu-Toil Industries Ltd is a company that will engage in the business of producing water-soluble tissue paper. This product will be marketed under the brand name Solu-Toil and it will come in different packaging according to sizes. This business plan document will give detailed information on the steps that will be followed in the production, distribution, and marketing of Solu-Toil. Extensive market research was carried out in order to properly inform the product development team on the specifications needed on SoluToil. Financial projections were also done for the business and these will be used as a control tool once the project kicks off. The financial analysis done was used in decision making as to whether to go ahead with the project or not. The financials reflected this as a very viable business. This business plan also gives details of the operations involved in the production of Solu-Toil as well as the distribution channels that will be used to ensure the product reaches the targeted consumer at a competitive price. Development of Solu-Toil was motivated by the problems experienced as a result of backed up water systems and blocked sewerage drainage pipes. These obviously meant incurring expenses to unblock the systems or repair burst drainage pipes. The decision-making process for this product was informed by a study into the project, that had several parameters. First, the study looked into the product itself and examined its strengths. These would be used as the key marketing points.&nbsp.