Principles of Human Resources Management Questions 1 How might the lack of diversity at Blueberry be explained and should this be considered as a problem 2 How would you advise Lennox to help resolve this lack of diversity

However, the problem is not the procedures of Blueberry but its culture. The HR department manages to recruit the workforce from new sources however the organization-fit characteristics that they are looking for remain same. Secondly, even if the fresh graduates are recruited from multiple universities and additional sources, they will still be trained to amalgamate into existing culture which is autocratic and fails to celebrate differences. Training provided to them will transform them into the same employees as existing workforce. Blueberry appears to lack diversity because the philosophy of the management addresses the effects instead of the causes (Esty et al. 1995. Hayles &amp. Russel, 1996). Since the middle managers and department heads relate to previous practices therefore they carry out their work practices in the similar manner.
Clients of Blueberry have complained that the organization representatives fail to communicate with the non-technical client representatives. Lack of diversity ensures that the existing pool of individuals bear same characteristics which develops monotony and absence of adaptability. Lack of diversity further makes it difficult for people belonging to the same group to deliver their message across the group since they have not been provided necessary training to do so.
Blueberry believes that hiring individuals having effective communication skills will do the needful which is a misconception again (Kim, 2005). Even if the individuals have exemplary communication skills, spending considerable time within the group of individuals bearing same traits, limited exposure to people with different background, knowledge and beliefs and adhering to the organization philosophy shuns the celebration of differences in its core and makes it difficult for them to deliver necessary messages across cross-cultural and diverse groups after sometime. Problem identified is