Pradaxa Market Description

A described by doctors, Pradaxa is a medicine that makes blood thinner and is used to minimize the hazards of stroke and blood clotting in people who have atrial fibrillation, not caused by heart valve problems. Wayfaring on the other hand plays, the role of antagonizing the impact of vitamin K needed for the synthesis of those active clotting factor namely II, VII, and IX by reducing the quantity of these factors. Although their functions seem almost the same, what moves and will continue moving the sales of Pradaxa as compared to warfarin is that Pradaxa has performed much better the latter. Consumers of both these drugs express a somewhat mixed reaction towards the drugs as regards their outcome.
However, researchers found it worth recording that, patients treated with a lower dosage of new Pradaxa are less likely to encounter a major bleeding problem as compared to the rate of bleeding in patients treated with warfarin (34). As a result, consumers would prefer the new Pradaxa since it is efficacy is higher. It is clear that patients cannot use warfarin if they are subjects of surgery since, if administered, it can lead to severe side effects like heavy bleeding that can cause death. Contrary, some countries approved the use of Pradaxa in assisting to prevent blood clotting in patients gone through elective complete hip or knee replacement surgery.