Power equals work per time i e P=w/t where P=power w=work and T=time Alternatively this can be expressed


Power equals work per time, i.e. P=w/t, where P=power, w=work, and T=time. Aernatively, this can be expressed

P=WT^-1. Work is the product of force and distance, i.e.. W=FD, where F=force and D=distance. The dimensions and units of force follow from Newtons 2nd law and are provided in the example E1. Distance is simply a length (L). The SI unit (derived unit) of power is the watt.

(A). What are the dimensions (M,L,T) of power? (B). What are the SI units (basic units, kg, m,s) of power, i.e.. the watt?

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