Portions of the Spinal Column

The ribs are usually attached to the spinal column on the thoracic vertebrae. According to Wilke (2006), the thoracic spine has a curve that bends outwards, forming a shape resembling a backward "C". it is known as the kyphotic curve.
Lumbar spine- This is the lowermost part of the spinal column. It is made up of 5 (some people have 6) vertebrae (L1 to L5). The lumbar spine links the pelvis and the thoracic spine and therefore supports most of the body’s weight. they are also the largest vertebrae. The lumbar spine has a curve (lordotic curve) that bends inward (Wilke, 2006).
Challenge to X-ray
Plain X-rays, no matter what technique is employed, normally underestimate the extent of traumatic injury. In addition to this, there is a high likelihood that lesions will not be detected. Non-displaced and hairline fractures are very hard to detect using normal radiographs. Using plain X-ray films, latent vertebral fractures are likely to be diagnosed wrongly in patients suffering from osteoporosis (Wilke, 2006).