Portfolio Project (350 Points) The Portfolio Project is due at the end of Module 8 Read the following description carefully Choose a topic or issue in which digital media play a significantly influential part Provide the following elements to complete

his book portrays the way society has unlimited access to broad spectrums of information through extremely portable and easy to access digital forms as compared to the past. It expounds on the comfort brought by the availability of media tools as forms of entertainment and quality information providers. It also touches on the youth as possible audiences and implementers of the same. In addition, it emphasizes on the need by the youth to use the internet as a health information seeking to tool for their personal gain.
In this book, the digital form of art is on the spotlight by giving the meaning of this art form then building up on its impact on culture. It differentiates the digital way from the traditional form of artistry by presenting its historic background. Additionally, the book encompasses how technology in the digital world has evolved to give birth to sophisticated outputs in the advertising field. Lastly, it gives insights in to contemporary art and the influence that the tool has on cultural growth.
This book is an introduction to cultural interrelation between the digital media and religion. It gives the extent to which the media tool has affected important concepts within the religious walls. Morgan has incorporated a number of scholars in this book to bring out seasoned rationale revolving around inquisitions on the constitution of culture. it provides a basis in to which future generations may refer to when it comes to leads towards theological explanations in the future through the digital media. Finally, it gives insights in to the curiosity that has led to the inception of secular religions and idol worship as part of the digitally revolutionized culture.
In his book, Ricardo depicts the state of the exposure in which the youths have used the digital forms for their own selfish gains. It reflects how distant the youths have gone in terms of the basic concept of internet use. It highlights on the other ways in which the youths have conveniently