Population Health

Article by Saxe, (2011) indicates that in order to win the war against childhood obesity that has been on the increase, it is important to involve the whole community in the project from the parents, to the physicians and anyone else in between. In this article, the general assumption is that by the community becoming involved rather than purely relying on only one party, the children will be protected from eating unhealthy food and ensure that they carry out regular physical exercises and not only sit playing video games at all times.
The other article discusses how nurses should rom the time children are born advice on healthy dietary measures at each and every age. This will help solve the issue from the root cause Berkowitz &amp. Borchard, (2009). In this article, the authors explain how women after birth listen to the advices provided by nurses and especially the first time mothers and follow that advice to the letter. Nurses are quite knowledgeable on the best diets for the children at each stage and incorporation of physical activities and hence are in the best position to disseminate this information to the parents.
Obesity is on the rise and the policies that have been established to end it have not been effective. In order to get a long lasting and effective solution, it is important for the stakeholders who include teachers and parents to stock their houses and classrooms with only healthy snacks. The other step is to ban the sale of sweets and sugary beverages to children without adult supervision as well as have constant physical exercises in school and at home.
The objective should aim at reducing significantly the amount of sugary beverages and unhealthy food the susceptible population are engaging in. These will ultimately improve their diet. It also aims at encouraging healthy lifestyle through physical exercises and