Poaching in Zimbabwea causes and attempts to stop sense the 1990s

help me to identify the causes of poaching in Zimbabwe and the general overview of the steps taken by the South African governments to fight poaching. Consequently, I will use this source to show how the South African countries have suffered from poaching and the strategies they have employed to curb cases of poaching.
Gabriel, Hua, and Wang have explored the market dynamics of ivory. They have pointed out that China is the leading market for ivory that is smuggled from Zimbabwe and other African countries. They have raised concerns that despite the ban of ivory trade, this was only short-lived because poaching still continues. Additionally, they have pointed out that the research conducted by IFAW implicates China as the leading market for ivory that is smuggled from Africa. In this scenario, there are a big number of industries of ivory processing industries in China thus affecting Zimbabwe and other African countries negatively. I will use the source to point out the China’s influence on poaching in Zimbabwe.
Gulland and Williams explores the steps taken by the African countries following the1989 ban of the ivory trade. They have pointed out how the African member countries enacted laws that could stop and control poaching. In Zambia, they have pointed out the government was out to fight poaching that was rampant in the Luangwa valley. Research shows that poverty is one of the factors contributing to poaching amongst the locals. Additionally, the Zambian government passed stern penalty to poachers found poaching in Luangwa valley between a periods of 1970s-1985. Consequently, the gang members who were caught poaching could be sentenced in groups and sent to jail. I will use this source to argue the steps taken by various African member countries affected by poaching to stop poaching within their territories.
The article explores on how the demand for ivory has gone up in the Asian markets more especially in China. The reason given is that these goods are