*Please see attachment for full question*Coronary arteries are responsible for supplying


*please see attachment for full question*

Coronary arteries are responsible for supplying

oxygenated blood to heart muscle. Coronary heart disease is caused by the arteriosclerosis (the deposition of plaque along the arterial walls) of those arteries. One common response of the body to coronary arteriosclerosis is to increase the blood pressure. An average normal blood pressure is120 mm Hg maximum (systolic) when the heart is pumping its hardest, falling to 80mm Hg when the heart is relaxed (diastolic) between beats. This is typically reported as 120/80 mm Hg. (Read: 120 over 80.) If your systolic pressure gets above 140mm Hg, you will be diagnosed with incipient high blood pressure. Pressures at that level and above can cause damage to the body’s organs.