Please make sure to follow all the directions for this paper carefully FOR THIS PAPER I DO NOT NEED ANY OUTSIDE


Please make sure to follow all the directions for this paper carefully. FOR THIS PAPER, I DO NOT NEED ANY OUTSIDE

SOURCES. ONLY USE THE DOCUMENTS THAT I HAVE ATTACHED. I need an argumentative thesis statement as well as strong topic sentences. Please use 12 pt. times new roman font. I need three full double spaced pages not including the work cited page (please have the work cited on page 4). I have attached all the documents needed for this paper. Please only use what I have attached. Make sure to use ALL the documents that I have attached as support/evidence and make sure to cite them after each quotation. I need analysis not a summarized paper. Please use as much evidence as possible and cite each quote used. *** This is the book that includes all the documents that I have attached: Katherine J. Lualdi, Sources of the Making of the West: Peoples and Cuures, vol. 2, since 1500 (Bedford/St. Martin’s), 4th edition, ISBN: 978-0312576127 *** The topic is as follows: At the end of the 19th century, the ideas of Charles Darwin were influential far beyond the realms of biology and zoology. Using the excerpts in your document collection from Darwin’s The Descent of Man (p. 182-184), Jules Ferry’s 1883 Speech before the French National Assembly (p. 186-190), and Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The White Man’s Burden (p. 218-221), evaluate the impact of Darwinism on European cuure. How did Darwin’s ideas shape people’s ideas about what it meant to be European and/or civilized?

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