Please i need this asap plsWhat is an annuity?Select one 1

A company with no


Please i need this asap pls

What is an annuity?

Select one:

1. A company with no


2. Treasury bill.

3. Certificate of Deposit.

4. equal payments paid in fixed intervals

What is agency problem?

Select one:

1. Finding the right agent to blame

2. Difficuy for agencies to find right staff

3. conflict between management and employees

4. Conflict between owners and management

A bond which has a yield to maturity greater than its coupon interest rate will sell for a price

Select one:

1. below par.

2. at par.

3. above par.

4. what is equal to the face value of the bond plus the value of all interest payments.

Which of these organizations is subject to double taxation?

Select one:

1. Sole proprietorships

2. partnership

3. rich individuals

4. corporations

what is current ratio?f

Select one:

1. current earning / current assets

2. Current assets / Current liabilities

3. Current PE ratio

4. none of the above