Please help with questions below!! Thank you so much!!!1) The predominant liabilities for


Please help with questions below!! Thank you so much!!!

1) The predominant liabilities for

savings institutions with less than $50 billion in total assets are:

A. Commercial deposits and FHLB borrowings

B. Transaction accounts, MMDAs and other savings deposits, time deposits.

C. Wholesale money market notes and reserves at the Fed

D. Checking accounts and money market mutual funds

2) Property/Casualty Insurance has several ratios that are used to describe profitability. One is the combined ratio that is determined by dividing the ______________ by total premiums written.

A. sum of the loss ratio plus loss adjustment expenses

B. sum of the loss ratio plus general expenses and broker’s commissions

C. 1.00 minus Operating Ratio

D. operating ratio minus dividends paid to policyholders

E. nominal ratio plus real ratio

3) A ________________ is an unregistered issue sold to a few large institutional buyers.

A. best efforts offering

B. shelf offering

C. SEC Rule 415 offering

D. private placement

E. fully underwritten public offering

4) One guarantee of all open-end mutual funds is

A. to have a minimum NAV for investors.

B. to have a minimum rate of return for investors.

C. none of the above

D. to earn the rate or return promised in the prospectus

E. to redeem investors’ shares upon demand at current NAV

5) Which of the following was not established by ERISA?

A. Prudent man rule applies to qualified Pension Plans

B. Minimum funding requirements

C. Minimum payouts for defined contribution plans

D. Insurance for pension plan participants

E. Maximum vesting times

6) A Financial Institution that makes a loan commitment to fixed-rate lending is exposed to

A. takedown risk

B. funding risk

C. credit risk

D. exchange rate risk

E. interest rate risk