Please help on these 3 thank you 1 In studying human sexuality which scientific


Please help on these 3, thank you.

1.In studying human sexuality, which scientific

perspective focuses on perception, learning, motivation, emotion, and/or personality?

The sociological perspective

The psychological perspective

The evolutionary perspective

The cross-species perspective

2.According to evolutionary theorists, sexual behaviors exist because

they reflect the greater reproductive success of women.

they once served the cause of reproduction (and might still do so today).

they are the resu of social learning over evolutionary time.

they stimulate parts of the unconscious mind (the id).

3.Early Christians strongly connected sex with sin. Which of the following was a teaching of early Christianity?

Prostitution was only acceptable for unmarried men or widowers.

Christian men could have two wives, but only if the first wife was unable to have a baby.

Divorce was legal only in the case of aduery (cheating).

Celibacy was the ideal, but marriage was acceptable.