Plan to Pursue Higher Education

I acknowledged that in contemporary times, the role that technology plays in education is paramount. I would like to specialize in technology tools, applications, development of instructional designs that integrate technology in the fast-changing contemporary learning environment, among others. I strongly believe that Utah State University accords the most effective dynamic and multi-dimensional approach that would assist in achieving my goals.
As I am indebted to my home country for according to me with opportunities for professional growth, I plan to apply what I would be learning in advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies to educational institutions in my home country. where I plan to teach in post-secondary or undergraduate levels. I am confident that the wealth of diverse learning that would be generated from Utah State University would enable me to be an instrumental contributor to the growths and developments of students who would be under my direct tutelage. and more so, on the educational institutions that I plan to propose improvements in the learning environment.