Personal statement for admission

My father disowned me at birth due to ethnic differences so I had to be brought up by a single parent. There was a lot of ethnic chaos in my country at the time which forced me to miss the first stages of education but that did not kill my dream and passion for learning. My mother used to tell me that I will be an academic guru since I have always demonstrated insatiable thirst for education. When other children were playing with toys, I was always drawing images on the ground or doing mathematical problems. My book and my pen were my most favorite friends. This hasn’t changed much since I still posses the same education enthusiasm I had years ago when I was a small child.
Sometimes the ethnic war became very intensive that I had to spend three days in hideouts without food to avoid getting killed. Learning in this environment was very challenging. It was practically impossible to move through the streets with northern and southern communities fighting and killing one another. Deafening sounds of bombs and grenades was a common phenomenon. However life took a positive twist of events when my grandfather came to my rescue and took me the whole family to France. Life in France was a better but problems still ensued. Many of my relatives did not have permanent jobs thus we always struggled to get good food and shelter. Attending prestigious learning institutions was a dream beyond our ability thus I had to attend an average performing school. My mother died in a road accident leaving me as an orphan. These traumatic experiences greatly affected my learning in school. The only hope I had was my inherent ability to handle difficult situations. These fateful events were a learning experience that trained me to be more tolerant, liberal and open minded.
My passion for education earned me respect from my neighbors who agreed to assist me in paying for school