Performance Analysis for the Play Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare wrote the play Merchant of Venice. The main characters in the play are Shylock and Antonio. The successful character in this play is Antonio, and is wealthy and well respected by fellow characters (Shakespeare, Coleman &amp. Barnes, 23). He is also peace-loving and would go to any extent in helping his friends. For instance, he agrees to lend Bassanio some money so that he could woo a beauty he liked in Belmont (Shakespeare, Coleman &amp. Barnes, 23). Since all his monies were held up in the sea at the time Bassanio approaches him for help, he takes a loan from Shylock to help him. Antonio is liked by people and has a good heart. He is able to bring out his emotions very in the court while pleading for mercy from Shylock (Shakespeare, Coleman &amp. Barnes, 23).

Shylock is an unsuccessful character and is resented by everyone. Shylock is a rich man who lends out money to Antonio. However, when he needs his money repaid, Antonio is not in a position to repay and this becomes a major source of conflict between the two friends. In the court scene, Shylock is able to bring out very well mixed emotions and anger. He, however, later becomes sympathetic when the case turns again as they had not agreed on how to measure the pound of flesh and blood (Shakespeare, Coleman &amp. Barnes, 23). He is well armed with his knife in court and could not wait to be finally allowed to get his pound of flesh.
All through the play, the characters were able to capture my attention and create enthusiasm to keep watching. The production was top notch. I have learned vital lessons from the play and will aim at becoming a better and peace-loving person.