Pedagogical Strategy Using the Harry Potter Books

61500 According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that making the curriculum conducive for inculcating the interest in the students of elementary age has always come as a big challenge to the educationalists. “Culturally responsive teaching implies using cooperative learning methods and strategies to discover the student’s worlds and incorporate them into the world of the classroom”. The interest a child takes in his/her studies in the elementary age plays a decisive role in his/her current and future academic performance, and his/her professional career in the long run. On the other hand, children are least sincere about their studies in the elementary school because they are too little, or perhaps more rightly, too immature to conceive the importance of education in their life. In order to generate a competent workforce to serve in the market and industry in the future, measures need to be taken today, to raise children’s interest in their studies when they are in the very early years of their academic career. One way to achieve this is by making the elementary education compliant with the standards, norms, and culture of Hogwarts School as portrayed in the Harry Potter series. “When inculcated in the fundamental educational system, educational and other standards of Hogwarts School will raise children’s interest in all of their subjects and school in general, and English literature in particular.” Children studying in one educational level like 1st grade or 2nd grade are distributed between sections of the same class as per the seniority of registration or any other criteria. Unfortunately, the conventional sorting processes are unwatchful of a child’s association with his/her friends of his/her own age, and the friends get distributed in separate sections. This happens to be one of the reasons why children lose interest in studies.