Peaks and Troughs

When peaks and troughs are aligning in the same places it is an indication that other similar data will show or provide similar results. In this case, data will be similar in all stages where we have the peaks and troughs aligning (Letcher, 2008).
2. Tree rings can be used to predict precipitation since there is a general agreement about peaks and troughs producing similar results. Tree rings play a part in regulating temperatures which in turn influences precipitation. This data is usually more sensitive during the summer when the temperatures are usually higher.
3. Ring growth comes with a few challenges when it comes to predicting precipitation in relation to ring growth. When there is a difference it is sometimes a result of misrepresentation of data. Another reason might be attributed to aging. When trees get old their fibers twist and they are unable to hold their fibers. Other factors like CO2 may also influence ring growth in relation to precipitation.