Pauls Case

The story commences with Paul’s faculty hearing after he was suspended from his high school located in Pittsburgh. He arrives at the meeting in outfits that are shabby and debonair at the same time. In particular, he had a red carnation in his buttonhole, which affronted the members of the faculty. As presented in the book, Paul is described as a narrow-shouldered, tall person with large pupils that strike the chord of a drug addict (Cather 7).
The members of the faculty had a hard time to coherent their feelings about Paul. They all have a feeling that Paul hates them deeply. His family members view him as a person who had no interest in school. Moreover, the faculty members complain of disturbance caused by Paul in the classroom, and his defiant nature to the student’s council among other bodies. When Paul is still in the presence of the council, he keeps smiling, which makes his accusers feel insignificant. Some of the misdeeds he was identified with included disorder, ill will and impertinence to the staff and his fellow students. Moreover, he is also described as suave due to his nature of raising his eyebrows, which were regarded as irritating, and the brilliance in his eyes, which quivered the teacher’s casual touch (Cather 10). Paul’s drawing master was always on his side claiming that the teacher’s did not understand him clearly. Moreover, he also states that the mother to Paul had died after his birth in Colorado. These statements make the teachers and other members of the faculty ashamed about their ferocious nature towards Paul.
Later on, Paul went Carnegie Hall that is located in Pittsburgh where he served as an usher. He had arrived quite early that day, so, he went through the Hall’s gallery to get a view of the paintings of Venice and Paris (Cather 20). In his strolling, he stares at one painting named blue Rico. Afterwards, he proceeds to the changing room together