Part Ai Jackson reduces Whole chicken into package parts through a(n)____


Part A

i. Jackson reduces Whole chicken into package parts through a(n)____






ii. Open hearing company reduces 30 basic types of ball bearings Its manufacturing system uses computer controlled machining centers, robots and remote controlled cards to deliver materials. In addition the system can be modified quickly to produce the different ball bearing. The manufacturing system that is described is a _______ system. design

b.static manufacturing

c.synthetic manufacturing

d.flexible manufacturing

iii. the era in marketing history characterized by the notion that the customer is always right is known as the _______ era.




iv. Following is the first step in developing a marketing strategy?

a. identify a target market

b. develpe the right product

c. decide how to promote the product

d. implement the appropriate distribution system

v. products purchased only after the consumer has compared competing products in competing stores on the basis of price, quality, style and color would be classified as _____.

a. suppliers

b. shopping products

c. speciay products

d. convenience products

vi. luis wants a particular brand of golf ball, but his local pro shop is out of stock. instead of buying a substitute, Luis goes home in orders his preferred brand online. Luis is at which stage of brand loyay?

a. brand awareness

b. brand assistance

c. brand preference

d. brand recognition

vii. marketing intermediates include _________.

a. manufactures and agents

b. retailers and customers

c. producers and service providers

d. wholesalers and retailers

viii. the activities involved with the actual movement of goods from the producer to the user are part pf the _____.

a. product strategy

b. channels pf distribution

c. atomospherics

d. physical distribution

ix. when a firm tries to differentiate its products, it often applies a concept known as ____.

a. positioning

b. the marketing mix

c. personal selling

d. product valuation

x. ahough a salesperson’s work can vary significantly from one company to another, it usually involves a mix of creative selling, missionary selling and _________.

a. personal selling

b. sales promotion

c. order processing

d. indirect selling