Organizational Politics in a Company or Large Organization

1250 One of organizational politics is more oriented to the organization’s needs as a whole, while the other focuses on the needs of the individuals within the organization. The former is called the Theory X form, while the latter is called the Theory Y form. Velazquez pointed that a “group may genuinely believe that X is in the best interest of both the organization and itself, whereas the person may genuinely believe instead that Y, which conflicts with X, is what is in the best interest of the organization” (p.485). One structure is very rigid and is aimed toward group progress more than individual development, while the other foregoes group progress for the sake of the development and welfare of individual persons within the organization. The problems raised from organizational politics are usually found in the various methods of political tactics done to meet a group’s or individuals’ objectives for the organization, and also at times out of self-interest. Velazquez posited that “the fact that political tactics are usually covert means that they can easily become deceptive or manipulative” (P.485). The issue of trust will always be a constant problem in organizational politics. Many times, power groups within an organization would have their credibility held in question. It cannot be helped that sometimes selfish interests get ahead of professional individuals or groups. This would result in distrust among people within the organization. To remedy this, steps must be taken to make actions more transparent. thus, gaining confidence among those within the organization.