Operation from TAFE WA College

1250 I have been offered a scholarship fully sponsored by Qatar Petroleum during the course of my job to gain more education and skills related to the field. I chose to study ‘Health, Safety, and Environment Management’ because my former education and professional career are skewed toward this area of specialization. Technically and professionally, I have a solid background, but there is dire need of a weighty academic advancement not only to deepen my own knowledge and understanding of health and safety management but also to have my experience validated. I wish to continue studying at Leeds Beckett because it is one of the top-ranked universities in the UK and is popular for its quality of education in the Bachelor Degree program I am interested in. The course contents including drilling, decommission, construction, and policy formation regarding corporate health and safety are all integral parts of my daily work as a senior safety technician. Getting this degree will enable me to be more productive with thorough knowledge of the processes and the ensuing informed decision making.