Ontario High School and Volunteer Work

Volunteer work as the very words suggest is doing a task at one’s own volition without any compensation. This is freely giving one’s time, energy and resources for a cause, truly a very honorable and acceptable purpose. But, when a condition is attached that compels one to do something at the risk of loss to himself then the word “voluntary” loses its meaning. A person is deprived of the freedom to think, decide and act. This is violative of the fundamental right to freedom as guaranteed by the United State Constitution. Added to this singling out a group of people and imposing such restrictions to their fundamental rights is also tantamount to a violation of the equal protection clause guaranteed by the XIV Amendment.1
Is the act of performing voluntary work by the Ontario High School Students as a condition or requisite to graduate violative of their freedom and the equal protection clause? Is it not true that sometimes individual freedom may be curtailed or the exercise of the same is limited for the benefit of the larger group of people? Is it not also true that there is no violation of the equal protection clause when there is a “rational basis” behind the restriction or grouping?
There is no room for the unreasonable restrictions in the halls of learning where individualism and freedom are meant to take wings and fly. to soar and create bigger and greater things for humanity to appreciate and enjoy.