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In 1945, she was chosen by Hitler as his assistant. She had been typing his speeches, correspondence including his private testament and last will. In this book, she described how she was blinded by her boss’ activities because of his fatherly approach. Details of her luxurious life as a secretary were also included. In 1943, she married Junge, one of Hitler’s military orderlies. However, they were not married for long because Junge was killed in a combat during the war. As Germany began losing in the war, Hitler expressed he would not want to surrender to the Russian army. Thus he thought of cyanide poisoning as a better way to end his life. Towards the end of the book, Hitler shot himself in the temple with cyanide in his teeth. Traudl was later captured by Soviet armies but was never charged.
Why would Hitler with such a stern character end his life that way? I cannot tell you the reason why but I will tell you what I like about the book. First, Traudle gave her readers something to ponder about Hitler especially when she mentioned the other side of his personality. Known for his tyrannical approach who killed directly or indirectly almost 30,000,000 people to pursue his cause, he has the charm and kind personality after all which is unknown to many. This was evident when Traudl mentioned he served as the father figure despite being her secretary. The father –daughter relationship was felt precisely because Hitler spent quality time with her during work and outside her work. Aside from this, Traudle also mentioned her conversations with Hitler which is unusual for leaders to have chats with their secretaries most often. Traudl mentioned that life could be boring without work because precisely she will not have a talk with Hitler. She came to realize that she misses the monologues every night with Hitler. Perhaps, there is kindness on