Okay for now by Gary Schmidt

In the novel, we read about the relationship of Mr. Culross and Doug’s father. Although Doug’s father was working for Mr. Culross, he could terminate their relationship anytime he wanted. From this passage, we learn about Mr Culross’ character as a very cruel person who never cared about the rights of his workers. This character trait is also evident as Doug’s father could come home with a bandage on his face whenever he came from his boss working place, Culross Lumber Inc. (Schmidt, 2011, p. 5). At this instance, we are also able to learn about the character traits of Doug’s father. We see him presented as a humble person who has a lot of steadfast. He is able to work for Mr. Culross even though he receives poor treatments from him. From this passage, we can also understand the theme that develops from the relationship between Mr. Culross and Doug’s father. This is a relationship between the master and the servant or the between the employer and the employees. The theme that develops is that of poverty. Doug’s father is forced to work under a harsh condition in Mr Culross lumber industry because he was poor. It is poverty that makes him to withstand his boss’ cruelty. If he were rich, he could have quitted the job at Mr Culross Lumber Inc. and look for a different place.
Another important part of the book is on page 21, the last paragraph continuing to the next page. From these incepts, we come to understand the role that Doug’s mother plays as a woman (Schmidt, 2011, p. 21). When Doug was coming down from the upstairs, he met his mother making some pancakes. From this statement, we learn about the trait of his mother. She is a responsible woman who takes care of the family. She would ensure that her husband have something to eat before he went to work. Apart from being responsible, she is also a hardworking lady