Of Psychological Factors on Eating Disorder Symptom and Diet Induced Emotional Reaction in College Students

For women also, the aspect of dating comes in the teenage years and wanting to look as pretty as any model or film actress is important in their minds to get the boys to ask them out. With all these pressures from the media and even from friends and family members, young girls in particular, will suffer as they try to achieve the perfection that everyone seems to want from them. This then can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa (Rathus, 1996).
Anorexia nervosa is the illness where people pretend to eat but really don’t. The fear of gaining even a pound is a frightening aspect for people with this illness. Watching a person with this illness shows that while sitting at a dinner table, they will move their food around and eat only a very little bit so as to look like they are eating. They may even lick it or put a bit in their mouths and when no one is looking, they will take the food out and put it in their napkin under the table. The teenage years and young adulthood see the most cases of this illness and the body reacts in many other ways besides losing weight. Young women will also stop menstruating (amenorrhea), literally putting their body development at a halt. Other symptoms will begin to appear such as bad or loose teeth, very pale skin, the obvious skeletal appearance, almost a walking death-like appearance.
It is well documented by doctors that these women can weigh 85% less than their expected body weight, a very serious condition. These young girls cannot find a way to get out of this syndrome without some type of clinical intervention (Rathus, 1996). While males can have this disease too, it is generally a young woman’s disease. What can be odd about this disease is that the females can go shopping and plan out elaborate dinners for their families and they are constantly around