Of mice and men

Task: Of mice and men The play has always done well since it won the New York drama as the top American contribution to the 1937-38 seasons according to the New York Times (Nuget). The article indicates that John Steinbeck is the author of the novel “of mice and men” (Nuget). Lewis Milestone directed it while Eugene Solow adapted it. They are all successful by merely appreciating the movie’s reputable worth. Those who have performed are many thus Betty Field, Eugene Solow and many more. “Of Mice and Men” is excellent whether performed as a plays, a novelette or just a portrait (Nuget).
The newspaper article illustrates the intrigue of the drama, which is about George who is kind and Lennie who is a mentally debilitated cousin under Georges’ care. They both had a vision to possess a ranch. Lennie who is so strong but pure at heart involuntarily killed the teasing wife of the supervisor at the ranch. That is what shuttered their dreams. According to the article, two actors playing Georges’ and Lennies’ parts always try hard to bring out the contrast in their characters (Nuget). Apparently, the people acting have to look and behave just as the characters’ demands. From the story, catastrophe distinguishes people. Even the little people like Lennie and George.
The newspaper shows that Miss Field is the best. She has played the role of Mae, the supervisor’s wife who had a lovely hare. Her looks are as the script’s demands. She is actually gifted. Her attitude is so faultless. In the film, Mae is extremely esteemed. The end of “Of mice and men” is so obvious thus, the end of Georges and Lennies dreams (Nuget). The article reveals that George and Lennie fail to realize their dreams. Steinbeck nevertheless leaves us with a positive message. that people can still love each other even if the world is hostile.
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