Objectives of Promotional Strategy of Plush Karaoke

During my internship at Plush Karaoke, I had a special focus on acquiring knowledge on the different strategies employed for marketing and promotion of services in the organization. To ensure this was effectively understood, I had to partake in the numerous marketing and promotion activities of the organization, among which were advertising, sales promotion, selling, and public relation (Steinke 145).
In Plush Karaoke, a promotion was used for the purpose of expanding the market, as well as retaining its current position in the market. Similarly, this organization employed a promotional strategy for the purposes of presenting a corporate viewpoint in regard to public issues (Steinke 142). The organization also found promotional strategies as being key to reaching the target markets for its products. Among the organizational goals herein were the identification of particular promotional objectives and goals for the purposes of providing information on the services. On the other hand, there was a need to differentiate the services, stabilize sales, increase sales, as well as accentuating the service value.
Among the promotional practices offered by the organization, which I took part in their marketing and promotion were. happy Thursday, expansion of craft beer, adding a second TV in each room, barber cut machine, new song selections, sports programming at bar area, music video at the bar area and refreshed food menu. The sales promotion practice included many forms such as personal selling, advertising and public relation for the purposes of increasing sales via the one-time efforts of selling. In addition, the organization considered the sales promotion practice as an important part in the promotional mix (Steinke 143). I got engaged in Point-of-Purchase Advertising (POP), which involved demonstrations and displays for promoting the services through video advertisements on the shopping charts of supermarkets.