Novelties for Fast Food

Pizza Hut also offers nutritious menu like their Caesar Salad which has lettuce and herbed croutons. And I discovered that the ambiance depends upon the preference of the customers. if he wanted warm, then Pizza Hut is the best choice and if he wanted cool and light, then its Burger King. And I could say that indeed the crew in Pizza Hut is the best, because they even serve you in your table, unlike the self-service orientation of Burger King. With respect to price, indeed Pizza Hut is pricy.
If I don’t want to feel guilty to myself, I prefer either Burger King’s Veggie Burger or Big Fish, which are nourishing. I really feel good in the Burger King’s Whopper and paired with their Oreo Sundae Shake-Chocolate. For fun with friends, I prefer Pizza Hut’s pizzas and drinks.
I agree with person #1 that McDonald’s open early to cater to breakfast. I would like to suggest that fast-food chains should start offering nutritious menus like fish, vegetables, and fruits. In-person #2, I wonder if the vegetables and fruits of their salads and shakes in McDonald’s are loaded with chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. McDonald’s can do better if they use organic fertilizer for their lettuce, tomatoes and other fruits. In-person #3, I agree with his idea of McDonald’s ads promotion. I agree also with what he said that McDonald’s and Burger King had the same pricing. However, I say, McDonald’s has nutritious burgers too, like their McChicken.