Nick’s character in The Great Gatsby

&nbsp.Nick Carroway, one of the main characters of the book, is the first person we meet. he is a man of about thirty from a well-to-do family living in the Midwest of the country, who studied in Yale and graduated in 1915. After he took part in the Great War, he came back to the Midwest and in a while moved to&nbsp.New York City. The reader gets to know that in 1922 he settled in a house in a district, inhabited by wealthy families on Long Island Sound, so called "old aristocracy".&nbsp. From the first pages he becomes our guide through the book. The author makes him a narrator, and as he is very fair in his judgments the narration turns to be rather realistic and objective. He is not an indifferent observer and is involved in the events. due to his good sense of humor he never bores the reader and makes the reader trust him, while we are not ready to trust other characters. Nick Carroway is a black sheep in his society.&nbsp.
Nick Carroway is honest to himself and toward others. His honesty, his faith and loyalty, his understanding that a person shouldn’t be too quick with his judgments are the features, which make him very special. Nick was the only one who didn’t mislead other people in order to attract them. Other characters of the novel would show others their shallow surface gloss to impress people while the first meetings.&nbsp. For example, Gatsby’s only love, and Nick’s cousin Daisy was completely different around friends and acquaintances from when she was with her husband Tom Buchanans a football player at New Haven. She is quite sure of herself and a bit arrogant around company, while being always humiliated by Tom. Tom is rich and she is ready to stand his unworthy attitude his aggressive manners and even his betrayal (Tom cheated his wife starting from their honeymoon) for the sake of her position in society, which is the highest priority for her and for many other characters.
&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Nick is also the only unspoiled by money, non-materialistic character