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Paper Question What is HL7? HL7 is a standard for electronic data exchange that is used in the health care environments. Theaim of HL7 is to standardize the format and protocol for exchange of data in health care computer applications. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is responsible for writing and maintaining HL7 standards. HL7 consists of a set of communications rules referred to as protocol. Interface protocols specify the rules by which applications in the health care domain can exchange data in an orderly way. HL7 is also the name of the group that is responsible for publishing these standards.
The acronym "Level 7" refers to the uppermost level of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model of the International Standards Organization (ISO). Those developing HL7 primarily focus on this layer.
Question 2
Interface: Refers to a shared boundary between two related systems across which information flows or may flow. The interface may be designed to filter or modify data as it passes through.
Segment: It is a logical group of fields of data. Segments of a message can either be mandatory or optional. They may be allowed to occur once in a message or allowed to repeat. A segment is recognized by a three character unique code referred to as the segment ID.
Field: It is a string of characters, which is described by a single HL7 data type.
Question 3
HL7 Segments in the message.
MSH- Message Header Segment.
EVN- Event Type Segment
PID- Patient Identification Segment.
NK1-Next-Of-Kin Segment
ZPD-VA Specific Patient Information.
PV1- Patient Visit 1
PV2-Patient Visit 2
DG- Diagnosis
GT- Guarantor
ACC- Accident
Question 4
EVN- Event Type Segment
Question 5
PV1 and PV2
Implementation Guide for the Transmission of Laboratory based Reporting on Public Health Information using Version 2 of the Health Level Seven Standard Protocol, 2005, CDC.