The key components of this proposal include the objectives, guiding principles, methodology of implementation, a technology strategic direction, goals, objectives, and a high level schedule to direct each step in the direction of the vision. Tasks will be updated and constantly monitored to ensure progress and accountability during implementation. Technology investments will be regulated appropriately to make certain that they are on course toward the achievement of Shiv LLC’S strategic vision and goals.
Shiv LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of solar panels for the consumer market. Presently, the company is operational in three cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston. Shiv LLC intends to expand their operations rapidly due to an escalating demand for solar panels.
A devoted “cloud computing” setting shall enable Shiv LLC to merge networking and processing services in a virtual environment. Such environment shall convey a high degree of availability, business continuity, and redundancy, while simultaneously enabling roughly all information to be controlled and availed both centrally and across networks.
iv. Data, information and applications shall be accessible via the cloud network. and consequently the company shall reduce its permanent electronic and data processing servers overseas, thereby decreasing environmental impact and operational cost. The network shall be in place as an inter-branch platform.
vii. Employees shall be able to attend to tasks from their home, while travelling, or while in meetings with stakeholders. All resources they have at their desks shall be accessible to them from any part of the globe, subject to stringent security requirements and processing limitations of where they are situated and what device they are carrying.
This technology proposal shall offer a well centralized and standardized technology infrastructure and timely delivery of