Nestle in Africa

Nestle has worked hard to overcome the injury caused by its mistakes. Nestle has done certain things to improve its image in Africa. It continues to employ over 10,000 people on the continent, and its partners employ another 50,000. Moreover, Nestle contributes to UN development projects meaning to eliminate poverty and hunger as well as combating disease. No one can turn back the clock, but people can try to make a better tomorrow.
Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. Nestle may be able to improve its commitment in Africa. It could do so by directly addressing the 30-year-old errors in had made. If it has not done so already, it would be wise to publicly admit and explain the course of its mistakes. In so doing, Nestle could also set an example to make genuinely self-imposed restitution to the injured parties and communities. Ultimately, people should take care to do what is right in any situation.