Need to be at least 7 pagesplease help!You are


Need to be at least 7 pages

please help!

You are

required to bring into your paper brief and relevant quotes from READINGS

attached to each film.

1. Commenting on masculinities in Full Metal Jacket Susan White writes, Having

passed through the unholy waters of masculinization [the film constructs] a masculine

identity—where anything infantile, female, or homoerotic is expelled with horror…

Discuss the representations of masculinities in the film, in the light of this statement

specifically discuss the two men Joker and Pyle.

here is a reading for prompt for No.1

This is second prompt have to answer for both

2.In what way is the film Green Berets a pro war film that is dominated by A) the

paternalistic style of Kirby’s masculinity and B) the cowboy style films of John Wayne.

Give specific examples to discuss Kirby’s fatherly role, for example when Kirby says to

Hamchunk, You’re what this war is all about. Draw on Adair’s article to discuss

Kirby’s dominating masculinity and the cowboy ethos in the film.



All assignments are essays. Clearly indicate which prompt you have selected.

Do not retell the story i.e. the plot of the film. In your opening paragraph, present an argument, a

thesis in which you state what you will explore or analyze in your essay and then provide

examples/evidence from the film with brief quotes from the Course Reader to support your

argument. The overall development of your argument, content and organization of the essay are

very important.

Number your pages.

When you quote relevant BRIEF sentences from the Course Reader, use page numbers in


Always proofread your essay for spellings.

Your References/Citations can be on the LAST PAGE of the essay OR you can


if it looks good i will give more tips

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