Ncm 512 session long project module 4 Negotiation Styles and Communication (unites states post office)

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The Organization: The focus here is to deal with the postal service provider. The company chosen here is one which has been in the industry for a very long time and has been in the industry for a number of years. The company has built a brand image for itself across the country and is recognized by all across the country.
The Conflict:
One of the major conflicts that had been faced by the organizations is the recent case of a postal shooting. One of the 24 hours postal service counters was faced with an angry lady opening up fire on the building where almost forty to fifty people working in the building. The shooting led to 6 people being killed on the spot and one person was seriously injured in this event. The underlying issue of this shooting was that the person was waiting for a long time and was not being served. The parties to the conflict include the lady shooter and the employees of the postal service. The chosen party for this paper is the postal service employees.
There was no clear negotiation that was brought out here in this case. The angry lady instead of taking up the issue with the employees went on to take a serious step of opening fire to the building. There was a slight negotiation that was present where the lady showed signs of urgency and her body language did show a level of urgency. However my side of the parties seems to have ignored this urgency and have not been able to provide the required service to the lady. There was clearly no verbal message that was shown by the lady except the one request of asking the employees to deal with her requested service. The negotiation method adopted for this case was not a cooperative one in any manner and there was more of a competitive behavior that was seen which led the lady to take the intense step of shooting at the employees of the organization.
Personal Opinions:
Considering myself in this position as the employee at the counter, I would have acknowledged the request of the lady and would have explained to her that once I was done with the other customer, she would be attended to next. If there was a possibility for another employee to cater to her, I would have requested my coworker to deal with the situation. Also, based on this experience, I would have suggested to the company the need for two counters one which dealt with the urgent requests while the other which deals with the normal work. The conflict is one which cannot be anticipated, hence any decision taken at the spur of the moment would be the best that one could do. Hence I personally believe that nothing could have stopped the lady from not shooting at the building or avoiding this conflict or even negotiate in a better manner.